Windows is the shit of all shit!

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Windows is a proprietary, expensive, slow and crutch-based shit from the 1980s with no normal security and a lot of viruses.
Microsoft does not care about users and only make Windows for the sake of making money that companies and too rich users give them.

Your Windows computer doesn't belong to you.
Your Windows computer is owned by a corporation.

Telemetry and tracking that cannot be disabled normally.
Windows updates that cannot be turned off.
Termination of support for old Windows and then constant attempts to force users to transplant to new versions.
A huge number of viruses that appear due to the fact that Windows was originally made poorly.
And crutches in the form of antiviruses that devour a bunch of computer resources and do not always cope with threats.
The register which is an outdated and vulnerable way of storing system configurations.
Snail speed of work and system loading.
On this antediluvian piece of shit, Microsoft from year to year pulls a beautiful UI, while hammering on everything else (hello Windows 11).

And that's not all...

What is the alternative?

There are many alternatives (Linux, FreeBSD and many others).
We will not talk about macOS due to the fact that this site was created by Linux users.

Linux is a free / libre open source kernel around which distributions from various projects like Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch, Mint and many others are built.
First we advise you to try Linux Mint or KDE Neon.

Haiku OS is a free operating system for personal computers, the first version of which aims for binary compatibility with the BeOS operating system.

This text will still be supplemented...

Exposing Linux misconceptions

There are few games for Linux

In fact, there are enough native games on Linux, and those that are not native can be tried to run through Wine or Proton.

Using Linux is hard

No. There are many distributions (Linux Mint, KDE Neon, and others) that do not need to use the terminal for normal use. Also, in fact, terminal commands are very simple and easy to remember.

Linux is ugly

There are many desktop environments for Linux and they all have different designs. Some of the nicest ones are KDE Plasma, GNOME and Cinnamon.

There are few programs for Linux

For most programs that are not available for Linux, there are alternatives. For example, you can use GIMP, PhotoGIMP, or Krita instead of Photoshop. If you can't find an alternative, you can try running this program through Wine.

Linux does not support all devices

There isn't really much you can do about it (unless you wait or buy another device). But remember that this is not a Linux problem, but a device manufacturer's problem.

No Epic Games client for Linux

There is an unofficial client for the Epic Games Store - Legendary. It is for the console, but there is a GUI for it - Heroic. Also, for more functionality, you can use Wine and Lutris for this. Install Lutris, install EGS from it, and you're done. Please note that this may be less stable.